Why 'Just One Day'?

Just One Day is a campaign which challenges primary school students and their families to live simply for Just One Day, learn about global poverty, and fundraise to keep poor kids in developing countries in school.

What's Involved?



Eat simple food like rice and vegetables without cutlery while sitting on the floor.

  • Breakfast: Oats (or similar)
  • Morning Tea: Fruit
  • Lunch: Rice and Sauce
  • Dinner: Choose a meal from our four suggestions (see website, or ask your team leader)
  • Drink: only water


Think carefully about your water use.

  • Use cold water for bathing.
  • Collect all drinking water from an outside tap.


  • Go without screens for entertainment.
  • Go without electronic equipment in class.

For more ideas on how to live simply for the day download our 'Living Simply Guide.'

The campaign was specifically designed in response to the impact of Just Like Me?, a global education program for primary school children presented by International Needs Australia.

Just One Day and Just Like Me fully support the Nine Australian Schooling Values and programs on diversity, global citizenship and intercultural community.

Schools participating in Just One Day will have access to Just Like Me? Workshops free of charge. (Conditions apply. Places are limited so booking with plenty of time is essential)

"Just Like Me? incursions encourage students to value the educational opportunities they have." - Primary School Teacher

As a Just One Day Team Leader, you will receive the team's resource pack including brochures, infographic posters, and more. You will also be able to access our free online resources, and can request a free copy of our teacher’s resource book with black line masters to start planning lessons.

To register your interest sign-up now.


1. Get a team together

You can sign up as a class, year level, or entire school. All you need to do is appoint a teacher as a Team Leader then sign up online.

2. Choose a date for the challenge

Your Team Leader will choose a date to complete the challenge. For the whole day participating students will eat simple food, think carefully about their water use and go without electronic devices.

3. Start Fundraising

Team Leaders will be sent participant packs to distribute to their teams. These will include receipt books so each student can start fundraising! Team leaders can then start planning next steps such as providing a basic lunch (e.g. rice and sauce) on the day of the challenge.

Once participants have received their packs from their Team Leader, they will have everything they need to start asking family and friends to support them for the challenge.

To register your interest sign-up now.


Children should only use the Just One Day website under adult supervision.

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