Just One Day is designed for primary school students to participate with their families.

For Just One Day, your challenge is to limit your choices to experience what it is like to go without, and to keep poor kids in developing countries in school.

You don’t have to be a part of a participating school to get involved, instead you can sign up to live simply for Just One Day as a family.

What's Involved?



Eat simple food like rice and vegetables without cutlery while sitting on the floor.

  • Breakfast: Oats (or similar)
  • Morning Tea: Fruit
  • Lunch: Rice and Sauce
  • Dinner: Choose a meal from our four suggestions (see website, or ask your team leader)
  • Drink: only water


Think carefully about your water use.

  • Use cold water for bathing.
  • Collect all drinking water from an outside tap.


  • Go without screens for entertainment.
  • Go without electronic equipment in class.

For more ideas on how to live simply for the day download our 'Living Simply Guide'

How to participate

  • If your school is participating, speak to your teacher or team leader to sign up, otherwise sign up online.
  • Ask your team leader which date they have chosen for the challenge.
  • When you receive your receipt book, fill in your family details.
  • Start fundraising. Ask your friends and family to give what they can.
  • Pre-plan meals for the day (ask your school if they are providing lunch). Check out our meal suggestions and ideas for screen-free activities.
  • Collect money from your sponsors. Make sure they fill in their details. Hand them their tax-deductible receipt.
  • Deposit your cash online and return your receipt books to your Team Leader as soon as possible. Some schools may prefer you to bring cash donations to school for collection, so make sure you check with your Team Leader.


Children should only use the Just One Day website under adult supervision.

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