What date is Just One Day?

Just One Day is for ONE day, any day of the year.  

The day that you have chosen starts when you get up in the morning and lasts until you go to bed at night.

When will I receive my participant’s pack?

All team leader and participant packs will be sent or delivered within a month of your challenge date. Team Leaders will then hand out to each participant:

  • Receipt book
  • JOD wristband
  • participants’ brochure
  • covering letter

When can I start fundraising?

You can start fundraising as soon as you receive your receipt book. Read through the information in the front cover before you start, remember to collect details and hand out receipts.

How do I collect donations?

You can collect cash from people who would like to sponsor you. Make sure you give them a receipt from your receipt book (don’t forget to fill in their details first). OR they can deposit through the Just One Day website, using your Receipt Book Voucher as the reference.

Please remember, your safety comes first! Ask your family, friends and people you know to sponsor you in the challenge. We strongly advise against collecting money in public or door knocking. All fundraising is to be done with parent’s consent.

Where is the money going?

The money is going to International Needs Australia . INA supports projects in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and the Philippines. The money you raise will go to projects to help keep children in school longer.

To read more about International Needs Australia and the current projects, visit www.internationalneeds.org.au

How can someone donate to Just One Day?

There are two ways that people can donate to support you in the Just One Day challenge.

  • 1. They can donate in multiples of $10 in cash to you. Every receipt in your receipt book is already filled out as a $10 receipt to make it easy for you. All you need to do is fill out their details on the stub and tear off receipt.
  • 2. They can donate via the ‘donate’ page with any amount they decide. There is a spot for your receipt book number, so it will register towards your total. To keep track of what you have raised, write the amount donated in the back of your receipt book.