Our World In Data

Tuesday, 18 April 2017
By Renee Kobelt
Our World In Data

Global learning needs global information

Want to access current world statistics for your students?

Finding reliable global information is hard - it changes and becomes out of date quickly, and google searches don't always find the most recent statistics, meaning you have to search for dates in documents and at the bottom of webpages (which sometimes aren't even there!)

Some people find statistics and data boring - but the truth is without it we are a bit stuck, and we are prevented from helping those who really need us. The ability to analyse and draw conclusions from numbers and statistical information is a very important skill for your students to learn!

Here's your answer - a great resource!

Our World in Data is an online publication that presents empirical evidence on the development of human living conditions at a global scale.

This website is really helpful in presenting the most up-to-date data from around the world - both the good and the bad of it! Of course, data is only as useful as its interpretation and perspective, which is why it is also important to make sure that we don't look at the information in isolation. To help with that, the website also has a handy blog that breaks some of it down and make sense of it for us.
"Statistics will invariably cause us to ask more questions.
That's a good thing!"

The best (and sometimes the worst) thing about data is that it invariably will cause us to ask more questions, digging deeper into what has happened and why we see the results we do. Sometimes we see declining percentages, but increasing totals; and at other times we see big gaps in the data available, leading to skewed and misleading results. But in the end, the absence of information is information in and of itself, and will help us understand the world if we are willing to understand why.

Let's take our students on the journey with us - or better yet, let them take us on a learning journey. Comments
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