For Just One Day eat simple food, use water thoughtfully and turn off screens to experience difference and raise money to keep poor kids in developing countries in school.

58 million children do not have access to basic education

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Education represents the hopes and dreams of families throughout the world. It is the key to ending poverty.

However, globally, 58 million children do not have access to basic primary school education.

When children are not in school, they are denied the opportunity to create a better future for both themselves and their families. When parents are uneducated, they are less able to provide even the basic necessities for their children.

Education has the power to break the poverty cycle.


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We don’t just want to talk about the problem, we want to invite you to be a part of the solution!

Just One Day is something that you can do to create a sustainable future for everybody, everywhere. Just One Day is something real that you can do right now.

Your involvement in Just One Day will raise money so that International Needs Australia can continue working with poor

communities overseas, ensuring more children are protected and able to access basic education and healthcare. Because every child has the right to an education.

READ MORE about how International Needs Australia educates children in poor communities

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Just One Day grows hearts and minds at Donvale Christian College

Passionate junior school students at Donvale Christian College have raised over $16,000 so that other children, just like them but living in poverty, can go to school.


Creating global citizens

For over three years we’ve been running ‘Just Like Me?’ workshops in Australian schools to foster a greater understanding of global poverty. LEARN MORE

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